At Chefexact we sell our software via Internet downloads of demos from our official website. Once you have seen our software's potential, you can choose to purchase it directly from us or through one of our authorized distributors. If you decide to purchase it, you will receive a copy of the original software. You can make your payment through bank transfer, cash on delivery or credit /debit card, for the sum total of the software in euros.

Once we have received the transfer for the full amount, we will send you a USB key for your PC along with the invoice by ordinary mail. You will also receive original copies of the CDs by certified mail or a messenger to your address. The fee for cash on delivery will be the ones charged by the official mail service or messenger service, at no added charge or commission.

If you choose the cash on delivery option, we will send you your purchase to your address, once the order and your data have been verified, including the invoice for shipping and handling. You will make your payment upon receiving the package at your address.

The sale price includes future updates of the purchased version. It does not include the interface you need to load the warehouse stock items onto the Chefexact database. In the event that you choose to make an interface or use the shareware installation, your in-house computer expert or the expert of your choice will have to make the adjustments required, at your cost.

The user’s guide gives you detailed information for installation and development of the required interfaces. For further information, please visit our Web site at You can also send any queries: click here to contact us.

Our program is designed to work perfectly without an interface, from the moment you install it on your PC and enter your company data and items, as explained in the user's guide. Connection to central warehouses and other optional links do not determine the correct performance of the system. They simply make it more dynamic.

The loss or replacement of a USB key implies acquiring a new license.

Chefexact is not responsible for damages caused by downloading to PCs that do not meet the software’s minimum requirements stated on our Web site's downloads page.

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