>>> What does Chefexact Restaurant contribute that makes it vital for restaurants? <<<
Chefexact is the perfect complement of its POS Terminal; it is a group of applications
that ease your business management from its core —the central kitchen—
providing controls in production, processing, consumption calculations, costs control
and calculation, preparation of banquets, menus, buffet, events.

It paves the way for your employees' daily work from the kitchen to service, and
their control and planning work easier.

It enables you to make inventories and keep history accounts, establish purchase
needs based on stock or daily sales by means of automatic orders. It performs
a series of analysis and statistics to give you complete control over all areas
of your establishment. It provides all kinds of charts and analysis which even enable
you to detect theft and poor product management.

You can automatically email suppliers directly from the program with the data
(detailed) already included in the order you wish to make, integrate orders,
manage in-coming and out-going warehouse supplies in a completely professional manner, adjust prices and update prices automatically, allowing you to be update
in your profit margins. It can also dump the daily sales from your
POS Terminal by means of a small interface explained in the user's guide.

It is the total and definite complement for efficiently managing your establishment
in an easy and coherent way, saving you up to 7%-15% in costs. The investment is
redeemed in a month in any business with moderate or small sales.

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