>>>>> How can I set the inventories? <<<<<

There are two options. First, if you are not connected to
central warehouse, set to disconnected in the items section. Once set, you continue
to upgrade the items list that incorporates the software with items that the
company uses, measure units, quantity and price. We recommend using the families and
codes given by the software, deleting not used items. Once all this is set,
and the quantities and units of measure of each product in the company
up to the moment have been entered, set it all through the option in the icon STOCK -- INV
(inventory existence) that is in the appropriate bar.

Then, with the quantities per item inputed in the inventory column, save it with
the first option in the sections bar for the item section. Next, fix it with the
second option "SET INVENTORY".

After that, wait to operate with the software the next day or work using the next
day's date.

In the event that you are linked to the warehouses via an interface, the position of
the combo box in the item section should in CONNECTED TO WAREHOUSE. Once you have downloaded the transferred products to the central warehouses and tested the
transfer was properly executed, proceed as explained in the previous section.

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