>>>>> How can I add new items? <<<<<

There exist two ways to add new items:

1. Manually from the items section.
Via the (+) sign of the navigator that is under the list of items in the items
section. In this case, choose the code on the user's guide that you want to
assign, the description, price and other features.

2. Through the item entry option in the purchases section.
It is assumed that the product in-coming to a warehouse is caused by the purchase of
that item. That is why this option appears in the purchases section. This is highly
convenient because it offers a window with the data specifications that should be
inputed for the new item. In addition, it offers the highly comfortable option to
assign the item's code in the warehouse in two ways:

a) By free code assignment.
Similar to the case in which the item is input from the items section, that is,
the user is free to choose the code that will be assigned.

b) Prefix code assignment (8 digits).
Via the family to which the item will belong, search the family for the first
available code. This option is highly recommended because it allows order to be
kept in a company's item list, thus facilitating item searches and maintenance.

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