>>>>> Do I have to update the families if I use my company's code list? <<<<<

If you have to update the family prefix list, the samples in the Chefexact software
include an item sorter. Therefore, the system has its own family sorter for those
items. However, it will not be very useful for locating your business's products.

This is why you must identify the family prefixes that are used in your warehouse
(establishment) to be able to update (change/add/delete) the families in the
software's sample files.

On the other hand, if you use bar codes or any other type of coding for items that
do not use prefixes, we recommend you to delete all of the families and not use the
search tool. It would not make any sense to use it because you can find the items
by their description alone.

For family updating, please consult the user manual, where you will find a detailed
description of the task.

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