>>>>> How can I transfer weight survey data to an order? <<<<<

First, in the orders section, create the daily orders to supply the different points
of sale and their respective sheets according to the families studied, as well as the orders to
go and suppliers to supply the warehouses.

Then, from the same section, select the order type (daily or from supplier)
and its respective agreement sheet, and choose the option "Transfer from weight survey".
Then choose:

- If it is weight per pax or warehouse grams
- The survey that corresponds with the order sheet to which the data is to be transferred
- Choose the way to make the transfer (not added)

The surveys should appear (if performed by families), for example, meat, and
seafood, etc, and the orders with their codes, price and weight in grams. This way,
you will have the order ready to use, and so on for all of the families.

These data can always be reused. By changing the number of customers and
select the items to be used, the order will be processed. For warehouses, proceed in the same way.

The other options are used for other purposes. We suggest that you always save the data to
be able to correct any mistakes that the software user might make.

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