>>>>> What is the function of the options for updating items in orders? <<<<<

Chefexact offers two update options: Price and Description, and Price.
They are used for:

- Prices and descriptions.
This option is used to update the prices of items contained in the order and set
the same description or text for them as the ones that appear in the item lists.
This is useful when the descriptions have been changed and are to be restored
with the items' original texts or names.

- Price.
Its works, as its name says, only with prices, leaving the text or
description for each product code or product line in the order intact. This is
useful when you choose to make up orders with the same items several times -repeated-
with the same code, but for different uses. For instance, it could be veal sirloin
for grilling; veal sirloin for sauce, and veal sirloin for brochettes. According to
the weight surveys, customers consume them in different quantities. If you choose
this option, the prices would change whereas the text would remain the same, so the
text and the weight survey for the order would not deteriorate.

Both options were created for flexibility with the applications and uses that the
user may wish to give to Chefexact software.

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