>>>>> Should I set the dish recipes again to elaborate a banquet? <<<<<

There are two forms or ways to elaborate a banquet:

1. By construing each one of the dishes that make it up in the same banquet section.

2. By importing the dish recipes from the dish recipes section. To import a recipe,
press the "IMPORT RECIPE" button. A window will pop up with a list of all of the
dish recipes you have input into the Chefexact software. You can import the
specifications for each recipe automatically into the banquet like one more dish.

Note that to be able to apply this last option, previously you will need to have
registered the recipe you want to import into the banquet.

In the case of recipes that generate more than one ration, Chefexact software
re-estimates the quantity to be used for one customer. The recipe is then added to
the banquet with that value because the dishes for the banquet are multiplied by
the number of customers.

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