>>> How can I do the weight survey to estimate average consumptions by customer? <<<

First, you select the items for the survey in the weight survey section. We suggest
to do it by families, example, a survey sheet of meat, another of seafood, fruit,
vegetables, milky and cheese, etc.

Once the survey sheets are ready, print the form to fill it out manually (you can
share their elaboration with your employees) to impute the consumptions and speed up
the estimate work. Your employees will score the Kg or units used each day for
dispatch to the buffet or sales establishment, any increases and important returns
and, finally, the number of customers.

All this will be done during the week. Data can be input daily or at the end of the
study, after which you will know the each customer's average consumption of each
item. This data can be used to make up future orders and to supply warehouses,
i.e. orders to suppliers.

Once the average consumptions are obtained, you can put together the order sheets
by automatically transferring data to the orders section via the option offered by
Chefexact in the orders section. All these issues are addressed in the user's guide.

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