>>>>> Why are the parameters not clear in the analyses of costs in the record section? <<<<<

The first thing you should observe in the pop-up window is whether the departments match,
i.e., restaurants with restaurants, buffets - buffets, banquets - banquets,
bars - bars, and employees with dining room - employees.

Once these parameters are configured, check if in the customers - purchases survey the
same surveys are created, i.e., restaurants survey, buffet survey, bars survey,
banquets survey and employees dining room survey. Make sure that the data requested
by the customer - sale survey section are properly taken, check that they are confirmed in the installation orders, each one to the point of sale to which it was dispatched.

If all this is correct, it should work perfectly because Chefexact uses the
data stored in the various sections that comprise the software to ensure full control.

As you gradually learn more about the software you will be amazed by its possibilities. Read the user's guide carefully, for it gives a detailed account of each and every aspect of all Chefexact software.

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