USB keys (HASP HL) offer a protection that is based on hardware and license systems and that is easy to use and extremely trust-worthy, avoiding non-authorized use of software and protecting intellectual property and copyrights.

When software is protected with a HASP HL system, the program (as it is being run) will check that a USB key is connected to the computer. If the key is detected and the license stored in it is valid, then the program will run as usual. If the license is not valid, the program will not run properly.

In order to establish a connection between the program (software) and the key (hardware), communication drivers are required, which will be installed by the Chefexact software.

Uninstalling an official copy of a Chefexact program on a PC, that already has various Chefexact programs installed, could provoke the malfunctioning of the HASP drivers (for USB keys) meaning that the rest of the Chefexact programs will not run correctly. In this case, the necessary drivers would need to be reinstalled. In order to do this and resolve the problem, the corresponding executable file should be downloaded and installed from our website.

To download the installer click here.

Chefexact will not be held responsible for any damages incurred due to the downloading of this program onto computers that do not fulfill the general requirements stipulated on the downloads page of our website.

Conditions Security USB Keys

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