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Chefexact's precise calculating power substantially reduces food and beverage costs. Its system offers real surveys of real consumptions that lead to tangible, immediate 7 to 15 percent* improvements in results. In some cases this gain in profit margin can be higher, especially when food preparation, inventory and portion control have not been subject to extensive review. How many food products are left unused, bought in excess, thrown away? How many chefs calculate what they need intuitively, rather than cost analyze like businesspeople? How many establishments have been forced to close because of chronic and systematic errors in calculations, or worse, no system of food management in place at all? Owners need great chefs so their establishments can succeed, but chefs need a lot of time to prepare great meals, and so they often spend long hours with their calculators desperately adjusting their budget and just as often they fail to make ends meet. Chefexact offers the culinary professional a powerful labor-saving tool to free up his or her time spent cutting costs and reworking menus. Owners can breathe easier knowing their daily operating costs are under control, and their chefs are using a uniform system to calculate purchases and margins. Chefexact promotes greater trust and confidence for owners and chefs. With Chefexact it's win-win all the way!

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