Our Chefexact web site is equipped with a series of technologically advanced security measures that guarantee the privacy of the information exchanged between users and Chefexact:

Secure Server:

The information exchanged between users and Chefexact is coded for transmission to prevent interception by outside agents.

The data is sent over a secure connection after encryption through a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with 128-bit codes, making the information unintelligible any third party that may capture it. These codes are the highest level of security existing on the market, much higher than the 40-bit codes commonly used.

When you access the server, a status bar will appear on the lower part of your screen, showing either a padlock or a key, which means that you are operating with a secure connection:

To guarantee the identity of the server, Chefexact has a digital certification from RapidSSL, a certifying authority that guarantees the authenticity of the server.

User Security:

You should only give your identity details on Chefexact's secure pages. To ensure that you are viewing the right pages, please verify that the address is and that a padlock appears on your navigator's status bar. Click on it to read the information relating to Chefexact's digital certificate issued by GeoTrust, with a reference to the URL

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This web site has a Rapid SSL Security Certificate that keeps your personal information confidential.