Chefexact represents an essential new tool for the effective management of culinary enterprises. Food preparation by professionals in the field is made easier and more cost-effective, offering increased profits to individual as well as corporate clients. The software has the advantage of working in two languages: Spanish and English. You can select the desired language when you start to run the software.

Chefexact offers the following advantages:

  • Reduces costs due to proper management of purchases and food production.

  • Eliminates unnecessary purchases or excess stock of perishable foodstuffs and expired products in central warehouses.

  • Establishes an exact ordering system, reducing surplus and avoiding miscalculations in demand prediction and adjusting orders to actual consumption.

  • Enables users to make purchases without tying up capital in excess perishable goods.

  • Offers a greater variety of on-target food choices to the customer based on their overall purchasing profile, particularly in buffet systems, because chefs can instantly calculate the most vended and non-vended items before ordering This results in less perishable product loss and fewer unnecessary expenses, relying on precise consumption analysis of food choices and eating patterns according to national preferences and tastes.

  • Generates consumption charts according to measured weight and incidence of cost of each item for individual dishes or entire banquets. Users can exchange food items that adversely affect overall food budget, taking into account their price and grammage and establishing profit margins in different areas.

  • Makes error-free purchases without ordering unnecessary inventory.

  • Automatically updates all values relating to daily purchase prices.

  • Controls total food displayed and consumed in buffet, menu and banquets transactions at all times, eliminating the possibility of missing or excess items. Chefexact represents a labor-saving, cost-cutting innovation for all culinary enterprises, offering users a fast and easy way to control portion costs and an unprecedented food and beverage management system.

  • Chefexact is an essential tool for restaurants and hotels of any size and category, catering operations, and all other industrial food enterprises.

  • Check a warehouse's stock levels and produce replacement orders automatically, for those products that fall below optimum stock levels or have run out.

  • Send an e-mail to suppliers or the company's head office.

  • Coordinate a warehouse's replacement purchases with the same product codes, for various or all of the company's offices that use the software.

  • Stock and purchase planning according to client activity.

  • Carry out various different types of control analysis with statistics.

  • Department-specific cost control.

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