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Offers the possibility to study the recipes used when preparing the buffet, calculating the consumption of each customer and setting the resulting consumption of each recipe automatically, this option allows controlled productions without having surplus or missing products. The system allows us to work safely and meet budgets without exceeding the initial budget. The ordering of products that makes up the buffet or banquet service automatically.

Among the many advantages offered by the program we can find: The kitchen inventory control, purchasing, assisted by the best offer price and the supplier, warehouse management and control of cooking (made up of families of items with price and weight of it), quantity stock in the kitchen with the ability to set minimum stock for each product, place replenishment orders automatically based on the drop in stocks, planning and catering, events or any type of food service related to a control Total production needs, purchasing and cost. Facilitates the management of staff, has an input section of the store goods for cooking, personal control menus and dining room staff and obtains the same costs, prepares technical specifications with the respective recipe, photo, rates or profit margin, cost, selling price and total profits. It also allows the control of operating budgets (costs for cleaning, supplies, stationery, etc.). It also controls any point of sale that we want to study and watch their behavior in terms of customers, sales, consumption and cost. It’s an ideal program for both conventional hotels and resorts.

It has an intuitive interface and it is easy to use. It is automatically installed; simple adjustments are made on the articles section, recipes and the program is then ready to work.

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