With more than 20 years experience (Executive Chef Manager) as well as in important hotel companies of the highest level throughout the world, and in view of the existing gap in the software market for this type of product, I have produced, designed and managed, along with an important European IT technology group, this software suite for management and control, aimed at the hotel and catering industry.

The lack of specialized programs for the daily control of the F&B department and the current focus of software in marketing, sales management, invoicing, orders and other types of management have left aside the control of production from the very beginning, that is to say, from the initial production in kitchens, bars, restaurants, sales points, etc. which are at the very heart of establishments. It is for that reason that I have the pleasure of presenting the Chefexact software suite that we have developed, specialized in the exact control of manufacture costs, saving you a substantial amount of time and money and making daily management even more human, exact and easy.  In this way, chefs, maitre d´s, F&B directors, general directors and owners can dedicate their time to the more important aspects of their jobs, without having to consider factors such as efficiency and control.

We have gained a “made to measure” software from this union, adapted to the necessities of businesses and professionals, enabling them to reach excellence in their financial, professional and management results.  That is why we consider our product to be unique.

The Chefexact suite is an extremely useful tool for all businesses and professionals in the sector and is essential in the production, control and planning of buffets, banquets, menus, events, a la carte sales, bar management, restaurants, sales points, staff cafeterias, consumptions, the creation of daily orders, purchases from suppliers, the planning of minimum stock, warehouse control, cost control, differences in consumption due to poor management in conventional and all inclusive hotels, cruises, catering, etc. Besides, its design allows for a rapid integration through interfaces, that we supply free of charge with the purchase of the program, with other management systems that a business may use.

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